Guards Wargames Club at Sheldon

Thursday evenings at St.Giles Church Hall,Sheldon Gaming in all periods and scales with published and club rules. Anything from ancients to Modern.WWII,Sail,Air,Space,Skirmish Games.20mm WWII,Principles of War Colonial,WWI.15mm Fire and Fury ACW.Western Gunfights and Dark age Bloodletting.25mm ACW Brother Vs. Brother .Armati,DBM, LOTR, warmaster ancients, and much more.

Secretary Rod Chapman
Treasurer Guy Roberts
Event organiser Paul Broadhurst

more pictures from Oosterbeek at Britcon 2003
plus links to the 28mm arnhem battles, at veghel,
oosterbeek and the bridge too far.

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Modelling for adventure.
More of the same.
Conflict in colonial Africa.
Where to find us
More Zulus.
Greenstuff modelling
Japanese campaign.Samurai skirmishing.
Samurai skirmishing rules
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