Guards Wargames Club

Thursday evenings at St.Giles Church Hall,Sheldon Gaming in all periods and scales with published and club rules. Anything from ancients to Modern.WWII,Sail,Air,Space,Skirmish Games.20mm WWII,Principles of War Colonial,WWI.15mm Fire and Fury ACW.Western Gunfights and Dark age Bloodletting.25mm ACW Brother Vs. Brother .Armati,DBM and much more.

Secretary Malcolm Peake
Treasurer Guy Roberts
Event organiser Paul Rickards
Guards Wargames Club at Sheldon

The Club was formed in 1975 in Acocks Green ,Birmingham and has continued with the arts of tabletop wargaming in all aspects,periods and scales with a wide variety of rules. most popular to date are principles of war,DBM and fire and fury. The current membership around 20 have enjoyed success in competition and at shows with demonstration games for many years.
new members are welcomed as we have larger premises now at Sheldon. Games in a variety are happening on Thursday evenings from 6.30 pm onwards until 11.00 pm at the school room St Giles church hall, Church Road Sheldon in the west midlands.

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