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Skirmish rules for many periods

In the beginning there were wargamers who spent two hours setting up terrain, one hour playing and half an hour to pack everything away.
Those who want to play a game in an evening and fit in a chat at the end went for smaller games.
And this small band of like minded players thought to have fun too. So I dreamt of a set of rules for different periods in a skirmish format to get a result in on the night and a few laughs along the way.
It's been a year. Fighting samurai campaigns,WW2, wild west,Pirates,Boxer rebellion and others.
Refining the rules along the way, a change here, a change there. Adding Night fighting rules, campaign rules and new periods considered.
But it's time to let them loose on the hobby.
this page will have tempting glimpses, starting with the WW2 skirmishes, prior to publishing. the eventual rule set will be....

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skirmish rules for different periods.
copyright. peter lewis 2006.

read on.

The essence of skirmish is to have the game scale
down to operating with a lot fewer figures
and make it a lot more personal.
The shooting is very simplified to speed up play
and combat is faster and bloodier. Costly, when you start with four to six figures
and lose three to an MG in one turn.

The main thing is to have small units with an objective,
ample,suitable terrain and throw some spanners
in the works if it gets too easy.

A playing side of two or three players form a platoon between them
and break off to do their own thing. But they'll have to
behave like a unit and support each other or the opponents
will have them on a plate.

A player chooses up to four figures to move and
perform actions each turn. Move and shoot,
shoot then move,close combat or other tasks.
Their opponents make their moves,followed by four
from another player and so on until everyone has had a turn.
moving up to four at a time speeds the game up and gets casualties. If you get the hits.
shooting hits on 5/6 on a D6 deducting minus one for cover.
Any cover, hard or light.
if you can't see a figure behind a bush clearly or a partial sight by a window, the same ammount of target is available.So I treated it the same. sixes only to hit.
Picture, right. A moment from a recent game.
As the night phase ended the german scout
was stalking the US Airborne Mg Gunner.
He took shelter in the ruined barn on his move phase.
Daylight turn, and the German thought twice about entering the building.
The gunner had 'reserve fire' orders
and would have peppered him as he stepped inside.Had it still been night,
he might have snuck in,
gambling on not being heard and quietly topped the yank.