Hills,Rivers,Roads,fences and Walls etc.
All can be purchased from a large number of traders.
But there is nothing Like homemade and it's original.
And it's all yours
the following page will contain some useful tips drawn from
members of our club and what we've seen over many years.

First things first...MATERIALS!
Do you want hard durable terrain to take the knocks at club evenings or soft realistic show type terrain? Hard terrain for everday use can be produced quite quickly with a variety of glues,paints and base material.
Knock up a hill in one night, No problem.
Basing the hill: I recommend 10-15mm Medium density fibreboard or MDF. Cut out the shape of the hill with an electric Fretsaw preferably and remember to wear a mask when cutting. Sawdust was not meant to line our lungs. when cutting

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