Photos from the early days before the kits arrived and the teams were formed.

Saturday mornings at Whitehouse Common School Sutton Coldfield.....From 10.00 am... Mini Soccer league Play for Ages 5..6..7..8 ..Boys and Girls.. Telephone Noel Smythe on..0121 351 2787 for details

The Kestrels play in a mixture of yellow and mud.
Up until recently all the teams have been playing in coloured Gym bibs but that will change shortly when our sponsors kick in. The new kestrels kit will be Yellow, blue trim blue shorts, White socks.
sounds familiar....
all the boys have commented that their yellow colours suggest they are Brazil.
so when the College I work for sponsored us we matched their new logo Colours as closely as we could so they'd get their wish.


Sutton Coldfield College are the official sponsors of the 'kestrels' and their new logo will remain on the shirts until they disintegrate.
Chasing sponsors to support youth football teams is hit and miss at best and only happens when the sponsor sees the benefit to them or when they are truly altruistic in their outlook.
in the case of the college it was both.
And I suspect our marketing director is football mad.

which brings us neatly to the team managers.

It's not just that my son alexander is a longstanding member of the team and we're both willing to play in driving snow or rain.
And it's the same for the other managers and their sons.
we all volunteered because we're crazy about football
and like to see the lads and girls play the game as we practice and pass on what we know.
Right or wrong they attempt anything new and it's especially rewarding when it all comes together in a goal or at least
a good effort.
You get a big kick (no pun intended) out of a six year old pull off a vital tackle or strike the ball sweetly past a keeper as capably as any adult. And when the trophies are due to be presented you could get trampled in the rush.
but then it's the same when the lollipops are handed out after the games finish each saturday.
the teams belong to the children playing.
i like to see them do well.
healthy rivalry between the teams rests with the managers but the kids just want to play the game.
to this day I haven't seen any incident of bullying or bad behaviour on or off the pitch between any of the children attending on a saturday.
Alexander has had worse injuries playing games at school than from any of the hundred or more games he's had so far.

lots of enthuiasm in some of the tackles and some tears when they are struck by a hard shot but never intentional from anyone.

lots of hankies in your pockets to wipe noses and dry eyes when required, spare hats for rainy days, spare drinks for hot days.
knowing where the coach has left the lollipop jar. these are the requirements for the managers rather than a whistle or a clipboard. our main role is to oversee the game and educate them on the rules of the game and see fair play as paramount.
Mums and Dads
if you want to see some enthuiastic football fan behaviour,
Check out the mothers of these children when their own kids get the ball.
the fathers are just as vocal and twenty or so parents can sound like a premier league stand when there's a rush toward Goal and a roar when they score.
we haven't had a pitch invasion yet but it's come close once or twice.
lots more pictures being taken each week by the parents.
I'm hoping to add a lot more soon of individual players and some of the action from games.
they look less and less each week like children playing and more and more like little people playing. some of the skills they display are spectacular considering they're only five or six.
and the remainder keep trying and in time will equal or surpass
those individuals who stand out.
League standing

Currently the League cup is held after our first season, by Jon Bennets' Blue Hawks team with his son Luke still top scorer.
Mike Coulsons' Green Falcons with his son (another Luke) another deadly striker,a worthy second in the league with the Red Eagles, Yellow kestrels and the latest Orange Condors, all looking to do better and win it at the end of this coming season.
Very soon the new kits will be ready and then i'll be starting our very own picture album.

After the minisoccer Leagues' first full year, 2004.
After 3 seasons. winter..Spring and Autumn.
John Bennets' Blue hawks still dominate the results
Winning three straight seasons and taking the cup.

All the teams have done well this last year, particularly, the players
who began, age 5, at Sutton Town FC.
these individuals now star in their respective teams in the
minisoccerLeague on a saturday
and also on a sunday for year 3 teams A and B for Norton lions.

from the left:
No. 9. Nicholas Sissons..No. 6 Alexander Lewis..No.3 Luke Laarsen.(free transfer to the red Eagles recently)..Joseph Miner..Adam Walker..Harry Robinson..William Hodkinson, Now captain of the "green Hoops"..Ben Fletcher.(behind the raindrop)..
Braving the weather that day.

Big cheer as they'd just had their first win for 7 weeks. The team had been reduced to six at one point and only recently building to nine regular players.
they come and go but some remain to form the current team.

Kestrels Homepage

Marcel a good little striker, very fast, now in the 'Hoops' Team along with Sam Hamilton, another good finisher in the area.
these two can make life hard for any defender.

"Mighty Mouse" now in the Reds.
The News letter page

The early days were mainly practice to build confidence and break down shyness and help develop some sense of the game.

There is another team with the same name.They are fortunate to have an organisation behind them with good coaching and support.

The Bloxwich Town Fc has a team of under 7-8 years called the kestrels.

I'm truly jealous of their kit.
For the moment at least.
as soon as ours is ready the pix will be numerous and the team performance
enhanced. I want a team photo similar to that below but holding our league cup would be a nice touch.

Bloxwich Town Kestrels

Posh and becks with a minder checking on brooklyn?

Now it's almost a year on and the teams have grown from four to six
with plans for four more for reception and Year one as well as the
year 4 and 5 .
There used to be a dozen kids with one or two adults in 2003. Now it's around 200 children, plus adults, coaches etc..
so awards day is a bit of a busy day.
the following is awards day from 2004.

a slideshow of awards day last year

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