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Guards Wargames Club

6PM-10.30 Thursday evenings at St.Giles Church Hall,Sheldon. Gaming in all periods and scales with published and club rules. Anything from ancients to Modern.WWII,Sail,Air,Space,Skirmish Games.20mm WWII,Principles of War Colonial,Heart of Africa.WWI.15mm Fire and Fury ACW.Western Gunfights and Dark age Bloodletting.25mm ACW Brother Vs. Brother .Armati,DBM and much more.

Secretary Malcolm Peake
Treasurer Guy Roberts
Event organiser Paul Rickards
Guards Wargames Club at Sheldon

God bless Ian Knight, Ian Bennett, James W. Bancroft, Mark churms,
Stuart Liptrot, Charles Fripp, Simon Smith
and the remininscences of Colonel W.A. Dunne to name but a few
of the authors and artists who have given us so much material to
research the Zulu nation and Zulu wars.

Having already heard of the disastrous engagement at Isandlwana the defenders of Rorkes drift in one hour,hastily erected an improvised defence
until at 16.20 on the first day shots were fired from behind the oscarberg hill overlooking the post.
With everyone on the alert a solitary Zulu warrior appeared on the crest line whereupon the native contingent deserted together with their officer.The remainder then watched as at 16.30 the main body of four thousand warriors poured over the crest to the the right of the oscarberg.
The first attack was immediate with around six hundred Zulus charging against the southern defences into a fusilade of fire and was driven off without loss to the defenders. What followed was a series of impulsive uncoordinated attacks with the Zulus suffering heavy casualties from prepared rifle positions.These sporadic rushes against a stubborn resistance continued throughout the day and first night. Exhaustion and low morale amongst the Zulu Regiments began to tell as the second days' attacks were considerably weaker and ceased altogether as the Zulu command sighted Lord Chelmsfords' column. the Zulus then drifted away in good order.

click here for a fuller account of the battle

Rorkes' drift VC site
Superbly detailed site dedicated to the Zulu Wars period and information galore

Under construction, a site on Zulu Regiments' Organisation,Tactics,Weapons etc.


Awards for valour at Rorkes Drift 22nd to the 23rd January 1879
The VC Winners:
Lieutenant J.R.M. Chard, R.E.
Lieutenant G. Bromhead, 2/24th
Surgeon J.H. Reynolds, A.M.D.
Acting Assistant Commissary J.L. Dalton, C. & T.D.
Corporal Allen, 2/24th
Corporal C.F. Schiess, N.N.C. Privates F. Hitch, A.H. Hook, R. Jones, W. Jones,
J. Williams, 2/24th.

The DCM Winners:

Col. Sgt. F.E. Bourne 2/24th
2nd Corp. F. Attwood, A.S.C.
2nd Corp. M. McMahon, A.H.C.
Wheeler J. Cantwell,
The Hospital Came under attack when others had failed against the mealie bag perimeter and it was during this action that 3 VCs were won in some of the most desperate fighting. Pvt. Henry Hook in particular organised the defence as they fell back room by room. With the Zulus breaking through the roof thatch, windows and doors they stubbornly fought every yard until all but two of the Hospitals' wounded were evacuated.

Zulu Weapons and shield patterns

It's a 25mm world!

Pretty frightening to move over to a larger scale
Costwise, it's a shock at first
especially when it comes to terrain and buildings.
But it allows games to be resolved faster using less figures
and as the eyes go with age they're easier to paint.
25mm manufacturers below. I won't play favorites
as they all have something to offer.
Check them out
The Darkest Africa range from Foundry is addictive and Combined with 'Heart of Africa Rules from Lead Boiler Co. makes for an excellent short night game.

H.L.B.S Have moved upstairs in their Hockley HQ.
so as to produce even higher Quality Figures.

Blacktree design are steadily producing figures of a consistent high standard for 25mm. I liked their Zulus so much I bought the Impi.

Mark Copplestone
With some cool additions for darkest africa games

The Perry Brothers, cast masters

Old glory still flying

At first glance the games of "Heart of africa" beginning at the club appeared faintly frivolous. But as I tried a few games and experienced the fun and sheer speed at which the scenarios can be played I was completely hooked. the variety of 25mm figures for african army lists is growing with all the familiar manufacturers.

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