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Mounting on pennies weighs it down and will be the eventual figures base. gradually adding greenstuff to build up the form. Mistakes along the way can be cut away and filing down smooth out errors. there are plenty of those as I'm no expert when it comes to this kind of modelling but trial and error will win out in the end.
The mistake I commonly make is to start with a form too large and the end result is closer to 30mm and 'overweight'.

Kneadadite is available in this country from various outlets and from traders at shows. usually sold in 1 metre lengths. Mine has lasted well over a year producing a dozen good figures and 20-30 appalling attempts.
The form begins to resemble a human form particularly when clothing is added on. stretching sheets out very thinly and a dab of glue it can then be worked with on the figure until it sets. the temptation is to make too many changes. The 'Blob' on the rod (piano wire) will be the head and has been sitting there slowly drying until I've reached the point where it is to be attached.

Adding yet more.
The arms need support if they are to be posed away from the body and the electrical wire serves well. arms close to the body are easier to produce but if you want some action there is no choice but to support them securely. the wire should extend out of the torso and then the putty can be moulded on whilst the wire can be moved still to reposition the eventual arm.

Cherry Blossom isn't there to check out her sisters 'birth' but to check for scale as it's easy to allow the figure to grow out of proportion.

If a figure should become 'deformed' you can cut away the best parts and rebuild into a new pose. sounds ghoulish, chopping up bodies to make new people.
the hands are difficult unless they're wrapped around a weapon or object. with the hair in place it is apparent that either the head is incorrect or it needs adjustment. the hair repositioned and some work on the hands leaves her approximating an end form.

Hands are a big problem for me and when it's a female figure I have to careful she doesn't end up with hands like a navvy.

My first thoughts were to position her in a dancing pose. Entertain the troops perhaps whilst her sister goes through the generals pockets. But as a figure grows with no particular plan in mind any idea may present itself according to how well it goes.

The left arm looked awkward and from the rear she looked crippled.
it had to go.

The amputation went without mishap and she responded well to treatment. An undercoat later will show up errors and flaws better and I need to see how she'll look when she'd finished. Should she need a new face or hair etc.. it's an extreme makeover or hopefully just small problems to solve.

painting the face first is not advisable but it could save me time later if this face as i suspected needs work or replacing.
It could be Anne Boleyn time if it doesn't work out.
She looks pretty rough around the edges right now but there's time to save her looks yet.
Modern geisha dress hasnít changed over the centuries but is more show than practical nowadays. The operation was a success. Pearl has a new shoulder and arm reposed and although it hasnít turned out how I expected Iím loath to change it again. The green stuff sets so quickly that changes made are pretty much permanent in minutes.

The face was real problem and needed replacing. Although not as pretty as Cherry blossom she no longer resembles an Easter Island statue. Painting her face first convinces me that she has potential and worth further work.

I learned a lot with this attempt and Iíll have a go at another one soon.She doesn't look too bad and the latest effort shows promise. pictures of her soon. Below is the latest geisha project. i built the face first for a change with round piece of greenstuff on a pallette then working it into a realistic face and leaving it to dry for some time before the rest of her was ready. pearl looks a lot better painted up more and is almost ready. building one encourages you to build another.

After I said there aren't any out there. Look who turns up. Found a link ,chased it and discover a geisha available at Eureka. she'll be on my next order as a 'legitimate' figure to go with my efforts I can now dream up a scenario for Japan. I need some 'street' people. Civilians, bystanders, bulletcatchers or just enough to disguise figures and confuse the players enough to give the game an edge. Eureka miniatures have a lot of civilians for some parts of the world but not all. The next project will be Japanese/chinese children, street vendors,road sweepers,footpads etc.. when i get some new greenstuff that is.
children in an adventure are fun. They could be midget spies,criminals,agents or getting in the way. I use them for distraction to characters. One of our players uses them for target practice. His name will not appear here to save his embarassment. will it, Paul broadhurst.

The Perry bro's samurai came today. It's a relief to find the geishas are not as tall as the warriors.but almost 3-4" shorter in scale.


I found a page describing modelling with greenstuff. I thought of scrapping this page when i saw it.
however, my technique will improve until I reach the standard on the page below.

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